About Leal Exim Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile - Leal Exim Pvt. Ltd.

LEAL, As name defines always led to Honest with their Quality, Punctuality & Responsibility. We are based in India and believe in promoting our rich culture along with exceptional collection of Towels and Bath Mats. We believe in providing proper platform to highly-skilled craftsmen by promoting their crafts globally. We have an exhaustic range of Terry ,Velour and all kinds of Towels.

LEAL has been continuously studying and analyzing international market and domestic production trends to keep pace with changing demand and trends in the international trade market. Main objective of LEAL is to carry on the business in India as traders, dealers, exporters, importers, buyers in all kinds of products and articles of merchandise and to undertake,carry on or acquire agencies of all kinds and for all types of products and articles of merchandise, commodities and to act as manufacturers representatives and to set up import and export houses for all types of products required or ordered by customer....


To be globally recognized as top export import firm and become trend setter for justification of company's name ( LEAL ...Trying To Be Example )


» To equip our people to be globally competitive
» To delight our consumers worldwide of products with superior quality and value
» To promote our rich culture globally
» Provide proper platform to highly-skilled craftsmen
» Dedication towards "trying to be example"
» To make international trading feasible through focus on profitable results for ourcustomers and the society as a whole, preserving and promoting business ethics, moral and social welfare.